Saturday, October 18, 2008

as we starting to roll, here's another bridge to reach us and a hinted story about one major setback

and so we created a myspace account.
this might be LAME to one. refresh to a few. and a total democracy persona for others.
the problem with myspace is not my problem.
we sign myspace up not for courting up girls [as what u always do brah].
we still on track to take this account as our new bridge to others.
thats all.
you can say whatever you want. fame-seeker, lame typical rubbish or whatsoever. we are all ears.
just, dont tell others not to do something while you're flying high on it. stupida.

so for the rest who is not you, have a take a look at this:

post note: you is not you, our fellow readers.
you is him.