Monday, September 22, 2008

to hell with the syushh-es !

im gonna spread a news that gonna makes at least 3people shocks. well, me and 3 of my friends is goin to form a band. (YAY?) well i dont know. i never get intrested in performing arts. i synonimised artsy with fartsy before. and it still running in my thoughts so to speak. but this time around, im fucking ready to go for it. not because i need to showered my life with limelights, girls and whatsoever that your fucking terrible lousy brain already digests. i dont need such things. i love living life as low as i can. i never talk in class. never answer lecturers calls. never honks at hot scooter girls and never send my picture at any film production that having a casting day. so the thoughts of i did it for the sake of getting famous is ridiculously distort. the reason that i joined this pack is for the reason that i love this guys. again, never call me a fags for that statement. as i am not. but im oke with it. secondly, i agree to go for it as i only live once, and i think i need to voices out what i think about life and these guys are oke with it as well. so as we are on the same agreements, we shall shouts at gigs as one. organisers... never booked us for gigs, we are already packed. hahaha. kidding. it just, we are still in tuning and sharpening our act and all. so, dont hold your breath. this will take time. but as long as we are eager to rumbles the crowds. its not a sin to have a look at what we sounds like. and oh ya... we are all business. non-profit types. our currency spells F.U.N. bold.


i/am/azmir said...

wakakkaa tgk waktu saat ke-34. ayon lompat dowhhhhhhhhhhhh!!~~~~ wakakkaka

sham o))) said...

amet pasepa ang suka pegang stick kat tengah ?

i/am/azmir said...

style aku. dan set drum aku. ;)